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Cambridge’s most expensive listing comes down—way down

$4M price-chop

Photos via Gibson Sotheby’s

The 7,258-square-foot, 15-room mansion at 47 Raymond Street in Cambridge’s Avon Hill originally hit the sales market in May 2016 for $11.5 million.

That sum made the six-bedroom spread with a reflecting pool out back and modern design inside the most expensive listing in a city used to expensive listings.

The tag didn’t take, though, and 47 Raymond dropped off the market in August.

It’s back now through Gibson Sotheby’s at a $4 million discount. The house, which its current owners significantly renovated in 2006, is asking $7.5 million.

Those owners, by the way, bought the pre-renovation spread in 1998 for about $1.3 million in today’s money.