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Rents in the Boston area: Don’t look in Cambridge if you want a deal

Or in Brookline

Harshil Shah/Flickr

Cambridge was the most expensive municipality in the Boston region to rent a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom apartment as of July 1, according to an analysis from real estate listings site Zumper.

The analysis culled data from vacant and/or available apartments during June in 15 different towns and cities, including Boston proper.

The median one-bedroom rent in Cambridge was $2,360 a month. Brookline was the second-priciest with a median one-bedroom rent of $2,300. Boston was third at $2,200.

As for two-bedrooms, the order was the same though the figures obviously changed: Cambridge at $2,950, Brookline at $2,800, and Boston at $2,630. See the chart below for a further rundown.

There is some good news for tenants and prospective tenants: In some areas—including Cambridge, in fact—rents dipped markedly. Maybe it’s a sign of a peak in the wider apartment market? Oh, wait, a lot of locales saw increases. Never mind.