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Why did you move to the Boston area?

Sound off

In a few weeks, the Boston region will welcome a new wave of college students as well as younger people embarking on their careers and other transplants who are spending the summer transitioning from a different locale.

We thought that that made this the perfect moment to ask readers: Why did you move to Boston or one of its surrounding towns and cities?

Was it work? The prospect of work? Following a relative? School and you just stayed? Romance? So long ago you don’t remember?

Everyone who didn’t grow up here has a story—or at least better. As grand as our fair region surely is, it’s also got terrible traffic and terrible winters, a challenging (let’s say) public transit system, and a cost of living that would make any American save a New Yorker or a San Franciscan blanch.

So sound off in the comments section below: Why are you even here?