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Tiny Boston houseboat for sale chops price more than $11,000


Photos via Garrett Hogan

Anyone in the market for a sturdy two-bedroom houseboat in Boston is in luck: The 31-year-old, 360-square-foot Chris Craft Catalina 362 powerboat docked off 29 Constitution Road in Charlestown has chopped its asking price $11,500 to $37,000.

The vessel packs a ton into its tight quarters.

For starters, there are two bonafide bedrooms—and two bonafide full bathrooms. There is also a kitchen, a dining nook, a living room, and a deck. Note the microwave and the toaster oven, too.

It’s not a newish penthouse or a multi-floor townhouse with 19th-century roots. And, yes, for all its clever use of floating space, it’s not all that spacious.

But it is right there—the Garrett Hogan listing promises a nine-minute walk to North Station—and, by Boston standards, it is astoundingly cheap, especially when one factors in the parking space that comes with the price. A similar boat for sale in New Hampshire is asking $35,000.

The slip costs extra, though. Might have to weigh anchor and split. Or wait for the price to come down more.