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Has your Boston rent come down?

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Troy Boston

There has been a lot of talk lately about Boston-area rents coming down or at least moderating a bit.

A recent report from real estate listings site Zumper even pegged Boston as the fifth most expensive in the nation in terms of renting either a one- or a two-bedroom apartment. That’s a marked shift from the city’s usual third-place perch behind San Francisco and New York.

(For the record, Zumper now places Boston behind San Fran, NYC, San Jose, and Washington for one-bedrooms, and behind San Fran, NYC, San Jose, and Los Angeles for two-bedrooms.)

But are rents really coming down? Are they even flat-lining? Or do they continue to march inexorably upward, toward some unforeseen, market-driven zenith that will see all but the most financially sound pushed to the regional margins or out altogether?

Let us know. Our latest Friday Open Thread is all about whether real apartment rents have gone down in real time lately.