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Boston Snapchat filters: Which ones work for which neighborhoods?

Suggestions welcome

Boston has pulled a dozen Snapchat filters meant to symbolize various neighborhoods following criticism from locals who say the emblems don’t capture the enclaves. (Officially, the city said the filters for the photo-sharing app were released without sufficient review.)

Particularly aggravating to some was the image for East Boston: Logan Airport’s air-traffic control tower. It seemed to reduce the sprawling neighborhood with several distinct sections such as Orient Heights and Jeffries Point to the takeoffs and landings of the transit hub.

Also grating to some was Harvard Stadium for Allston. As revolutionary as the arena was for football, it’s barely in Allston proper.

What’s more, the North End, the South End, Downtown Crossing, South Boston, and other neighborhoods appear to have been left off the selection of filters entirely.

Mayor Marty Walsh’s office plans to solicit feedback from residents about which buildings or other features should represent various neighborhoods on Snapchat.

To help the city along, we thought we’d turn the mic over to you, dear reader: What’d you think works? Maybe a little drawing of gentrification for Southie?