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Which are the best T stations?

No, seriously


It’s easy to dump on the T and on public transit in general in the Boston region. Slow buses, rude riders, delayed trains, ancient tracks, escalating costs—these and more often combine to make even a routine commute seem like a hectoring ordeal.

But it’s not all bad, right? The region is lucky to have such a lattice of relatively cheap connections given the sizes of Boston and its surrounding `burgs. Plus, proximity to a T stop adds some very concrete cache to an apartment, a condo, or a house.

So, for our latest Friday Open Thread, we thought we’d look on the bright side and ask you, dear reader, which T stations are the best—or at least better than average?

It might be because of its service, or its ease of entry and exit, or the surrounding food options, or just the energy (or calm) of the place.

Sound off in the comments section below.

And, just so you know, next week we’ll be asking about the worst stations—so keep your powder dry.