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Boston apartment rents for the 99 percent: Cheapest, priciest areas for non-luxury units

Look in Quincy and Dot for deals

Steven Pisano via Flickr

Everyone knows that Boston apartment rents are either steady or increasing (and, in the case of steady, that means not falling all that much).

But the analyses that often paint this reality cull from both luxury apartment buildings and the region’s more utilitarian fare.

A new report from real estate listings site Boston Pads seeks to separate the non-luxury apartments from the luxury spreads in amenity-laden buildings to provide a snapshot of how much it costs to rent your average one- or two-bedroom home.

It turns out that even removing the luxury apartments means that tony Back Bay is the most expensive area for renting either a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom. And Quincy and Dorchester are the least expensive.

The interactive map below gives a fuller snapshot, and includes vacancy rates by neighborhood and city or town.

None of the vacancy rates are particularly beefy—some, like in Newton and Beacon Hill are ridiculously low—but that helps explain why rents remain relatively high, even in non-luxury buildings: There’s just not that much supply to satisfy the demand.