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East Boston home prices: Jeffries Point vs. Orient Heights vs. Eagle Hill

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A deep-dive into Eastie

The average asking price for East Boston’s market-rate listings right now is $441 a square foot, though things get a little variegated when you break it down by the neighborhood’s three main sections—which is just what real estate research site NeighborhoodX did for us.

Eagle Hill has the widest price range compared with Orient Heights and Jeffries Point. See below.

That said, per NeighborhoodX research director Constantine Valhouli, both Eagle Hill’s upper and lower ends are markedly higher and lower than those in Jeffries Points. But the areas’ average askings are very similar—$538 a foot in Jeffries Point and $533 in Eagle Hill.

“Despite almost identical average prices,” Valhouli said in an email, “the distribution of the individual properties is quite different.”

Meanwhile, Orient Heights is the most affordable section within East Boston, with an average price of $351 a square foot and a price range of $254 to $458.

"On a per-square-foot basis, the most expensive property in Orient Heights is still much more affordable than the average property in Jeffries Point or Eagle Hill," Valhouli said.

He also pointed out an interesting aside from the Orient Heights chart: Fifty-six Byron Street is a two-family building marketed as both a building and as two condos. As a building, it asks $1,199,900 or $374 a foot. As condos, it asks $569,000 ($421 a foot) for one, and $639,000 ($345 a foot) for the other—or $1,208,000 combined.