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6 spectacular Boston apartments for sale right now

Starting at under $500K

Just like with townhouses in Boston, it appears that spectacular apartments seem to drop in herds. Here are six particularly fab ones on the market, starting in Jamaica Plain for $459,000 and then scaling way, way upward.

↑ Unit 2 at 992 Centre Street is part of the conversion of a circa 1886 carriage house that itself was part of the larger Weld Mansion in Jamaica Plain.

The duplex includes two private entrances: One to the 973-square-foot one-bedroom itself and one to the adjacent Arnold Arboretum that all 45 of the condos carved from the Weld site enjoy.

Unit 2, which includes a spiral staircase and a wood-burning stove, is on sale through Arborview Realty for $459,000.

↑ The 1,130-square-foot, three-bedroom Unit 2 at 86 Roseclair Street in Dorchester’s Polish Triangle was renovated in 2009.

The work left behind a bright condo with hardwood floors, 9-foot ceilings, designer light fixtures, and a thoroughly modern kitchen with plenty of storage. There is also one full bathroom, a private covered deck, and one parking space.

The spread is on sale through Keith Magnus for the relatively low sum of $539,000 (though there is a pending offer for it).

↑ The 4,789-square-foot, 11-room penthouse at Zero Marlborough Street in Back Bay has grand views of the Public Garden, including from an expansive private deck.

That and features such as direct-elevator access, plenty of parking, five full bathrooms, and at least four bedrooms renders the $14.35 million asking price through Campion & Co. wholly unsurprising.

The tag renders the penthouse in the 1929 Art Deco building one of Boston’s most expensive listings.

↑ The four-room, 1,496-square-foot duplex penthouse at 462 Shawmut Avenue in the go-go South End includes cathedral ceilings and skylights that provide the fully renovated unit plenty of sunshine and airiness.

The spread is on the market through Gibson Sotheby’s for $1,475,000. That might seem rather pricey for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom—even by Boston standards—but it actually pencils out to $985 and change a square foot.

Reasonable, no?

The spread does come with an $880 condo fee (there are two units in the circa 1875 building) and an on-street parking permit.

↑ The 3,550-square-foot, nine-room spread encompassing the entire fourth floor of 301 Berkeley Street in Back Bay is that relatively rare thing in Boston: A co-op rather than a condo, which means buying shares in a corporation rather than real property.

And how much do those shares cost? According to a Campion & Co. listing for 301 Berkeley’s Unit 4, the answer is $5,399,000.

That still isn’t enough to make the co-op one of Boston’s 25 most expensive homes for sale. But that’s more than enough to reflect its luxuriousness, which includes touches such as direct-elevator access, three bedrooms, four full bathrooms, a formal dining room (and an informal one), and exposures on four sides.

The co-op also comes with access to a shared roof deck that in turn comes with incredible skyline views. Parking’s extra, though.

↑ The 11-room, 6,000-square-foot penthouse at 274 Beacon Street in Back Bay is on the sales market through Coldwell Banker, and instantly becomes one of Boston’s most expensive listings of the calendar year.

How expensive? Unit 9R is asking $8,995,000, which is still a lot of money in the city, recent developments notwithstanding.

The duplex includes at least six bedrooms as well as an incredible six full bathrooms. There are also Charles River views.