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Why Boston renters leave the city—and where they go

Not far, it turns out

Troy Boston

What’s the main reason renters leave Boston?


Stumped? It’s because of the high rents!

That’s according to a new analysis from real estate listings site Apartment List, which surveyed about 24,000 tenants nationwide to divine their reasons for moving or staying put. The site also parsed its own inventory data.

It turns out that 81 percent of renters in Boston plan on relocating to another city (that’s compared with 64 percent nationwide). And 44 percent of those renters cited affordability as the reason for splitting.

Switching jobs was No. 2 at 19 percent, and about 1 in 10 renters cited Boston’s weather as the main reason for leaving.

As for where they go when they leave, the top spot for relocating Boston renters is Providence, Rhode Island, according to Apartment List. Los Angeles is No. 2 and New Haven, Connecticut, is No. 3.

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