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Where are you watching the solar eclipse?

Shed some light

Takeshi Kuboki/Flickr

Around 2:45 p.m. on Monday, the solar eclipse sweeping across the continental United States will peak in the Boston area, with the moon obscuring about 63.2 percent of the sun (the cosmic fireworks will commence about an hour before that zenith).

The region is supposed to have some great weather for eclipse-watching—though we note that you should be very careful about how you actually view it—so we thought we’d turn the mic over to readers and ask: Where will you be watching on Monday?

There are tons of public parks on the waterfront and farther in for largely unobstructed views. There are also some free gatherings around the region as well.

Will you be going to those? To the parks? To a particular peak?

Or maybe you’re one of those obsessives who will be traveling hundreds of miles west or south to see the eclipse in its glorious totality.