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Boston prices by neighborhood at the start of August: Things look familiar

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But wait!

Harshil Shah/Flickr

Market-rate residential prices in Boston at the start of August look pretty familiar, per a new analysis from real estate research site NeighborhoodX. Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and the Seaport District are especially expensive; and deals can be found in farther-out areas such as Mattapan and Dorchester.

However! Look a little closer and there are surprises.

For one thing, check out Fenway/Kenmore—asking prices in those neighborhoods are running with the priciest dogs right now. Also, the most expensive property in Dorchester is more affordable than the most affordable one in Allston.

Moreover, the priciest property in Mattapan is only slightly cheaper than the most affordable in South Boston. And Harvard Square’s most expensive listing is priced lower than the Seaport’s least expensive.

One final note: New-development condos are driving the upper ends of each neighborhood’s price range, according to Constantine Valhouli, NeighborhoodX’s research director.

“However, given the relatively small size of some neighborhoods and the overall number of listings, the condos are driving the apparent averages higher for the neighborhood," Valhouli emailed (emphasis his). "This is why our chart shows the price range for each neighborhood—to show the pricing for the most affordable properties there, too."