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South End duplex with cathedral ceilings and plenty of sunshine asks $1.475M

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Fully renovated

Photos via Gibson Sotheby’s

The four-room, 1,496-square-foot duplex penthouse at 462 Shawmut Avenue in the go-go South End includes cathedral ceilings and skylights that provide the fully renovated unit plenty of sunshine and airiness.

The spread is on the market through Gibson Sotheby’s for $1,475,000. That might seem rather pricey for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom—even by Boston standards—but it actually pencils out to $985 and change a square foot.

Reasonable, no?

The spread does come with an $880 condo fee (there are two units in the circa 1875 building) and an on-street parking permit.

Have a look-see.