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Dorchester home prices: Savin Hill vs. Uphams Corner vs. Neponset vs. Jones Hill vs. Port Norfolk

Boston’s biggest neighborhood

As one might expect, home prices differ significantly in Boston’s largest neighborhood by area, as a new analysis of market-rate listings in Dorchester’s Savin Hill, Neponset-Port Norfolk, and Uphams Corner-Jones Hill from real estate research site NeighborhoodX makes clear.

But change is on the horizon.

First, the stats. The average listing price as of August 17 in Savin Hill was $471 a square foot. The average in Neponset-Port Norfolk was $425 a foot. And, in Uphams Corner-Jones Hill, it was $286. See charts below for more detail.

One important caveat: The NeighborhoodX analysis did not include homes positioned or priced as development sites.

Now, as far as the individual areas, the highest-priced unit in Uphams Corner—Unit 2 in 54 Monadock Street—had set a price record for the area when it sold in 2015 for $253 a square foot.

It is definitely the property to watch in terms of setting another price record for Uphams Corner, according to Constantine Valhouli, NeighborhoodX’s research director and co-founder.

“Although, just across Columbia Road,” Valhouli said in an email, “properties on Jones Hill are commanding up to $540 per square foot. That said, the neighborhoods of Uphams Corner and Jones Hill share the same amenities, transit, and common spaces—so prices are likely to pull closer together over time.”