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Charles River Esplanade’s first commissioned artwork: ‘Patterned Behavior’

Unveiling imminent

Rendering via Esplanade Association

The Charles River Esplanade will soon get its first-ever commissioned work of public art.

Boston artist Silvia López Chavez will take about three weeks to finish what she’s calling “Patterned Behavior,” a colorful mural meant to reflect “the daily cacophony of fast paced bicyclists, skaters, joggers, boat traffic, and the rhythm of traffic that pass daily along the Charles River Esplanade,” according to the Esplanade Association, the nonprofit that maintains the ribbon of waterfront park.

Chavez is working through nonprofit Now + There, which the Esplanade Association commissioned for the artwork.

The mural is supposed to be visible from the path along the Charles as well as from Storrow and Memorial drives.

The association is raising private funds for the project, which Chavez is supposed to start work on soon.