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Which Boston-area neighborhoods are on your T wishlist?

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Everyone knows that a 4.3-mile extension of the Green Line through Somerville will transform, or at least change considerably, several neighborhoods in that city (look at Union Square already, where a Green Line T stop is planned).

So, for our latest Friday Open Thread, we thought we’d turn the mic over to our readers to find out this: What other neighborhoods around the Boston region should get T stops?

It’s all conjecture, of course, given the planning time and the money involved—the Green Line extension goes back years and years and is costing a mint—but why not imagine aloud which areas could benefit from greater public-transit connectivity?

Besides, maybe it isn’t so much conjecture. After all, there have been serious plans for running the Red Line out to (at least) Lexington and even the Blue Line to Lynn. And the Silver Line is about to shine in Chelsea.

Sound off in the comments section below.