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Moving day in Boston: Which will be the busiest?

College kids return

Gerard Donnelly/Flickr

August 31 and September 1 will likely be the busiest move-in days for college students in Boston, according to an analysis of the expiration dates of moving-truck permits from real estate listings site RentHop.

On August 31, 478 permits are expected to expire, and 865 are on September 1.

Both figures are much higher than on the days just before and just after—on August 30, for instance, 159 permits expire and, on September 2, 193 do. (RentHop assumes that the expiration dates for the permits correspond with the actual moving days.)

Historically, to no one’s surprise, August reigns as the busiest months for obtaining moving-truck permits (see chart below).

As for the busiest Boston neighborhoods in terms of moving day, that will probably be Brighton because of the number of truck permits issued.