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Boston apartment rents at the start of fall: High, steady

Little change from summer

As of August, Boston is the fifth most expensive city nationally to rent a one-bedroom apartment and the sixth most expensive to rent a two-bedroom, according to a new analysis of market-rate listings from real estate search site Zumper.

The median one-bedroom rent in Boston as of August is $2,200 a month. That puts Boston just behind Washington and well behind San Jose, New York, and San Francisco.

The median two-bedroom rent was $2,600, which puts Boston behind those four cities as well as Los Angeles.

More germane to apartment-hunters right now, August rents in Boston appear to have stayed flat from July.

Annually, the one-bedroom median declined a minuscule 0.9 percent and the two-bedroom went up 4 percent.

Here’s more on Zumper’s methodology.