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What are the best public restrooms in the Boston area?

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Sound off

Photo via WBUR

‘Tis the peak of summer, when people pour into our fair region from places far and wide and when locals rediscover the many, many things to love about the Boston area.

But such busy-bee activity also poses a seldom-discussed, yet impossible-to-ignore problem: When you’re out and about, and you really have to go, where do you go?

So we thought we’d hand the mic over to you, dear reader, so you might let us know: Where are the best public restrooms in the Boston area?

In particular, what about spots in heavily trafficked areas such as Downtown Crossing, Copley Square, the North End waterfront, Harvard Square, Davis Square, Fort Point, etc?

Be specific—but be practical. No need for suggestions on how to circumvent a front desk at a guests-only hotel or a restaurant that doesn’t want non-patrons using the loo.

Got it? Go.