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Back Bay co-op with formal and informal dining rooms asks $5.4M

Direct elevator

Photos via Campion & Co.

The 3,550-square-foot, nine-room spread encompassing the entire fourth floor of 301 Berkeley Street in Back Bay is that relatively rare thing in Boston: A co-op rather than a condo, which means buying shares in a corporation rather than real property.

And how much do those shares cost? According to a new Campion & Co. listing for 301 Berkeley’s Unit 4, the answer is $5,399,000.

That still isn’t enough to make the co-op one of Boston’s 25 most expensive homes for sale. But that’s more than enough to reflect its luxuriousness, which includes touches such as direct-elevator access, three bedrooms, four full bathrooms, a formal dining room (and an informal one), and exposures on four sides.

The co-op also comes with access to a shared roof deck that in turn comes with incredible skyline views. Parking’s extra, though.