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Cambridge vs. Somerville: Their most expensive homes for sale right now

One’s cheaper than the other

168 Brattle Street
Photo via Gibson Sotheby’s

How do the luxury markets of neighbors Cambridge and Somerville stack up at the start of August?

The 10 most expensive market-rate properties for sale in Somerville range from $1.3 million to $1.7 million and the 10 most expensive in Cambridge range from $1.78 million to a stonking $8.8 million for a colonial revival mansion on Brattle Street.

“To put this in context, the most expensive of these properties in Somerville was still priced lower than the bottom of the top 10 in Cambridge," emailed Constantine Valhouli, research director for NeighborhoodX, which prepared the analysis.

On a per-square-foot basis, Somerville's 10 priciest ranged from $379 to $916 (for a condo at 375 Canal Street in Assembly Row), while in Cambridge it ranged from $638 to $1,379.