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What are your best hacks for surviving Boston’s transit hubs?

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Do tell

Todd Van Hoosear/Flickr

Navigating major Boston-area transit hubs such as Logan Airport, South Station, North Station, and any number of the busiest T stops can be profoundly headache-y.

But with grueling experience comes illumination. So we ask you, Curbed Boston readers, what are your best tips and suggestions for navigating these transit hubs?

How do you get through X, Y, Z quicker and more efficiently? What do you avoid and what do you always remember to do?

For instance, what’s the quickest way to get from South to North station? Which drop-off and pickup points are best at Logan? Should you trust the countdown clocks along the Red Line? Where’s the fastest way to get decent coffee around Park Street? Etc.

Let us know! Your fellow travelers will appreciate it.