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Which Boston-area neighborhoods are the most biker- and pedestrian-friendly?

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Fiona Wong/Flickr

It’s no secret that the Boston region is one of the nation’s friendliest in terms of biking and walking as an alternative to driving (or, let’s face it, an alternative to the T).

But some areas are better for biking or walking to work and play than others. So, for our most recent Friday Open Thread, we turn the mic over to our readers and ask: Which neighborhoods are the best for commuting via bike or sensible shoe?

And we do mean commuting—as opposed to the best areas for walking or biking for leisure or exercise.

Take it away, then! Are the best areas on the edges of Boston’s main commercial districts? Or within those districts? Along the waterfront(s)? Or on the rims of larger parks and squares?

Your fellow commuters will thank you.