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Charles Street Garage parking space on sale for $350,000

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Priciest space in Boston

Photo via the Charles Street Garage

Unit 2-34 at 144 Charles Street in Beacon Hill is not a condo, co-op, or apartment. No—it’s a parking space in one of the Boston region’s choicer garages.

And it’s on sale for $350,000.

That ties it for most makes it the most expensive spot for sale in at least Boston right now and maybe in the entire region (though the area has seen some pricier parking spaces in its day). There’s a $350K spot for sale at 334 Beacon Street, too.

What’s more, Unit 2-34 at 144 Charles is now part of what the garage’s owner calls a parking condominium. In short, it’s not your average parking space. An owner can text ahead to have his or her vehicle brought out. The garage also offers car detailing; and there’s a drivers’ lounge.

The listing from Michael Tammaro with the Charles Street Garage says the larger setup is Boston’s first parking condo since the Brimmer Street Garage reemerged as such in 1979.

So what’d you think? $350K for a well-maintained parking space in downtown Boston?