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Orange Line prices at either end of the line: Forest Hills vs. Malden

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What’s the difference?

The interior of the Orange Line Station in Boston. The walls are orange and white. There is a staircase. Clare S./Flickr

The average prices for market-rate homes at the ends of the Orange Line vary pretty significantly and the difference serves as a clinic in why location matters in real estate, according to an analysis from real estate research site NeighborhoodX.

The average listing price around the Forest Hills terminus in the Jamaica Plain/Roslindale borderlands is $460 a square foot. That is culled from a range of $295 a foot to $524.

The average around the last two stops in Malden—Malden Center and Oak Grove—is $266 a square foot. That is from a range of $201 a foot to $370.

“It is important to remember that the T connects the neighborhoods of Boston with the neighborhoods of the cities that make up Greater Boston," NeighborhoodX research director Constantine Valhouli said via email.

“When you begin to look at commute times on the T, you begin to see the bargains of the Greater Boston cities and neighborhoods compared with similar neighborhoods within Boston itself.”