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Can drivers and bicyclists—and pedestrians—ever get along fully in the Boston area?

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Boston Globe/Contributor/Getty Images

This week brought news of an escalating kerfuffle in Cambridge over the city’s (some say) hasty installation of protected bike lanes in the Harvard Square area.

What about pedestrians, critics asked local legislators? And what about businesses along the bike lanes? And, of course, what about drivers confronted with the changes in their own lanes because of the changes in the bike lanes?

Thus our latest Friday Open Thread: Can bicyclists and drivers and pedestrians in the Boston region ever get along fully?

It’s probably a naive thing to ask. The region’s built infrastructure just isn’t suited—at least at the present—to fully accommodating all three transportation modes at once. Streets are too narrow, intersections too busy; sidewalks are pocked and torn; etc.

But who knows? Someday, everyone might get along swimmingly and we’ll be Amsterdam on the Charles.

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