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Where could Amazon build its new headquarters in the Boston area?

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If it comes to the Boston area?

An aerial view of a large park space. There are buildings on the perimeter of the park space. Ed Kohler/Flickr

Amazon announced on September 7 that it wanted to hear from states and cities that might want to host the e-commerce giant’s second headquarters (the first is in Seattle). Amazon will accept proposals through October 19.

If Massachusetts and Boston apply, where should the state and the city tell Amazon to plant its $5 billion flag?

After all, our fair commonwealth and its biggest city seem natural fits for the company—which says it’s looking for space for an initial buildout of 500,000 square feet (check), with direct access to transit (check) as well as proximity to both an international airport (check) and great universities (check).

So, for our latest open thread, we turn the mic over to our readers and ask: Where should this Amazon HQ go in the Boston area?

Maybe Suffolk Downs or some similarly largely vacant expanse? Or some sort of urban infill just beyond the Boston area, but with access to commuter rail? Maybe build up instead of out?

Though, do keep in mind, as the Globe’s Tim Logan and Janelle Nanos point out: Amazon eventually wants this new HQ to unfold to as much as 8 million square feet. “[T]hat’s about 20 times the size of the new headquarters campus General Electric Co. is building in Fort Point, at an estimated cost of around $200 million.”