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Boston-area housing prices at the start of 2018: Back Bay on top, Chelsea least pricey

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Wide range in between

Housing prices in the Boston region at the start of 2018 range from $169 a square foot in Chelsea to $3,857 a square foot in Boston’s Back Bay, according to an analysis of market-rate listings from real estate research site NeighborhoodX.

Naturally, there are a wide range of price points in between those extremes. And, even within specific locales, things can vary widely. In South Boston, for instance, housing prices at the start of 2018 range from $457 to $1,347 a foot.

"It is worth noting that the most and least expensive properties will be different, depending on what metric you use," NeighborhoodX research director Constantine Valhouli said over email. "And the most affordable property on a per-square-foot basis is not always the most affordable on an asking-amount basis."

The analysis focused on market-rate properties and therefore excluded foreclosures and short sales, income- and age-restricted properties, properties in significant need of rehabilitation or those positioned as development sites, and those with considerable amounts of land, which could skew the analysis.

It also excluded two anomalous properties, according to Valhouli, both at the upper end of their respective areas: This property in Quincy (asking $1,049/foot), and this one in Brookline (asking $3,381/foot).

Also, for comparison’s sake, these were the region’s housing prices in February 2017.