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Boston snowstorm headquarters: The latest on the nor’easter

What’s cancelled, open, etc.

Svitlana Pimenov/Shutterstock

A winter storm is expected to dump at least 12 inches of snow on the Boston area on January 4. It will also pack some powerful winds, and temperatures in its wake will plunge to the single digits or below.

What’s that mean from a practical, go-about-your-day standpoint? That certain activities are majorly curtailed, if not cutoff.

Below is a running tally from the Curbed Boston Winter Weather Headquarters. Get at us if we’re missing an update you’d like to see included.

Last updated 4:36 p.m.

Due to a forecast of extremely inclement weather, Hubway will temporarily close at 6 AM on January 4th, in consideration of the safety of our riders and staff. Following the storm, Hubway field staff will be working to clear stations, after which stations in Cambridge, Brookline, Boston, and Somerville will reopen.