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Some of Boston’s priciest neighborhoods are on reclaimed land

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More prone to flooding


Some of Boston’s most expensive neighborhoods are on reclaimed land that was filled in and then built over.

Below, in fact, is a chart from real estate research site NeighborhoodX spelling out the asking prices of market-rate properties in the likes of the East Boston waterfront and Fort Point (the Seaport data is from last October, given the dearth of current listings).

Why look at these prices in these neighborhoods now? Because the snowstorm that hit the Boston region on January 4 did particular damage along the coastline, where historically high sea surges flooded streets, homes, subway stations, underpasses, etc.

The four neighborhoods herein are particularly susceptible to flooding given their lower topography—snow cyclone or not.

Boston in general owes quite a bit of its physical landscape to reclamation and infill, a reality city officials are well aware of as storms of the century become more common.