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Boston apartment rents inch upward heading into October: Report

Median one-bedroom rent up more than 7 percent year over year, according to Zumper

Michael Moloney/Shutterstock

Just when it looked like Boston apartment rents might be leveling off a bit and turning in tenants’ favor (a bit), a new report from real estate listings site Zumper shows year-over-year increases heading into October.

The median rent on a Boston one-bedroom increased 7.3 percent from October 2017 to October 2018, to $2,360 a month, according to Zumper, which tracks vacant and available units. The two-bedroom median was up 3.4 percent, to $2,700.

Predictably, the sums place Boston among the most expensive major cities in America to rent. See below for a breakdown, which also offers some good news for renters: From September to October, rents were flat.

What’re you seeing out there? Did your rent go up or down from October last year to today?