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Renovated Roxbury Tudor revival with five fireplaces drops for $925,000

Townhouse part of the famed Harriswood Crescent across from Horatio Harris Park

Photos via Lembu Real Estate

The eight-room, five-fireplace Tudor revival townhouse at 66 Harold Street in Roxbury is part of a run of such properties dating from the late 1880s and early 1890s called the Harriswood Crescent.

Like its 14 brethren, 66 Harold is just across from Horatio Harris Park. The 3,954-square-foot house has been renovated to the point where it looks rather contemporary inside. But its exterior and its layout hint at its historic origins.

The spread, which includes a back deck and the potential for four bedrooms, is on sale now through Lembu Real Estate for $925,000. What’d you think?