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Which Boston-area developments are you most excited about or dreading the most?

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A building with various terraces. The building facade is red with many windows. Rendering via KPMB Architects

The Boston area is in the midst of a major building boomand such great architecture, too! (Though it’s anyone’s guess whether all this new construction—much of it of housing—will do much to bring down prices and rents in the near-term.)

There are those multi-building projects such as Hood Park in Charlestown, the Hub on Causeway in the West End, and the Kendall Square Initiative in—where else?—Kendall Square. And all those conversions of all those conventional garages, too.

There are also single towers of immense proportions and quirky second acts for well-known addresses.

Which of these many, many projects are you most excited about and why? Or, to play contrarian, which are you dreading and why? Every addition, after all, adds that many more commuters to this or that T line, or to this or that roadway.

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