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Taj Boston renovations will include moving hotel’s front door

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Work also due to add a dozen rooms and new trees on the sidewalk

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A long-planned renovation of the Taj Boston hotel across from the Public Garden in Back Bay will include relocating the luxury inn’s front door from 15 Arlington Street to Newbury Street around the corner.

The property’s managing owner, a limited liability company controlled by San Francisco-based wealth management and investment firm Iconiq Capital, also plans to redo the hotel’s existing 273 guest rooms and to add a dozen more.

The work, too, will include renovating corridors and enclosing the Taj’s seasonal rooftop restaurant.

It’s the relocation of that main entrance to the lobby that most people will notice, though.

According to a letter of intent filed October 11 with the city, the move is meant to “enhance the public realm by creating a raised, accessible entry, illuminating the public right-of-way, refurbishing the existing canopy on Arlington Street, adding street trees, and adjusting the existing grade change of the sloped sidewalk in front of the hotel to improve overall access.”