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Lexington shingle on sale for the first time for $2.28M

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Rustic redoubt with five bedrooms and three dishwashers went up in 2008

Photos courtesy of 1 Plus 1 Realty/JS O’Connor Photography

The 11-room, 4,700-square-foot shingle-style house at 24 Rumford Road in Lexington went up as recently a 2008. The rustic redoubt is on the open market for the first time through 1 Plus 1 Realty for $2.275 million.

It comes with two and a half bathrooms and the possibility for five bedrooms. The main floor is open, with a large kitchen with three dishwashers (and check out the de facto laundry room).

And there is an unmistakable emphasis on hardwood on that main level, with shiplap pine all over the place, including some of the ceilings. There’s also a screen porch off the kitchen. What’d you think?