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What can Boston do more of to combat the effects of climate change?

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Boston Globe via Getty Images

On October 17, Mayor Marty Walsh announced a public-private initiative called “Resilient Boston Harbor” designed to protect 47 miles of Boston coastline from the effects of climate—in particular rising sea levels.

The plan includes enlisting private developers and other companies as well as nonprofit stakeholders and City Hall in developing and implementing strategies to prevent and to mitigate flooding.

Walsh and his administration have already put forth some ideas: Create 67 acres of open space along the Boston waterfront; elevate transportation corridors, including Day Boulevard along Carson Beach; rework waterfront parks to make them more resilient; and require flood-mitigating measures in new buildings.

And the city is apparently willing to spend big on the initiative: 10 percent—or about $16 million—of its capital budget annually, according to Walsh.

What are some other ideas the city should consider to combat rising sea levels? That is our open thread this week. Maybe it’s something to do with where the city concentrates its new housing (it’s planning for a lot), or with congestion pricing (to reduce not only congestion but driving in Boston in general).

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