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Boston housing costs a marketing tool for other U.S. cities apparently

Like, say, Pittsburgh—the Steel City wants you to know you can ditch Boston for a “higher quality of life”

ESB Professional/Shutterstock

There is an advertisement up at the Pittsburgh International Airport that compares the western Pennsylvania city favorably to other U.S. cities in terms of housing costs.

“Pittsburgh is one of America’s most affordable metro housing markets—meaning lower living costs and higher quality of life,” reads copy next to a chart with the median prices for three-bedroom homes in different cities. Guess which city is the priciest on the chart?

The sign is courtesy of a portal called Pittsburgh Today, which compiles information on the the Steel City and its metro region. The entity is funded by Pittsburgh companies and philanthropies, meaning it wants people to consider moving there.

And maybe they’ll consider it if their current town has prices and rents as high as those in Boston. Or at least that’s how the thinking appears to go. Thoughts?