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Blue Bikes, Lime to offer free rides to Boston-area residents on Election Day

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Here’s how to access the bike-shares on November 7

A Bluebike in the Boston area. Boston Globe via Getty Images

Blue Bikes, the bike-share that Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline own and that Blue Cross Blue Shield sponsors, will offer free rides on Election Day on November 6.

The rides will come via the system’s so-called Adventure Passes, which offer unlimited access to two-hour trips in a 24-hour period. Riders can get the free pass via this website. Blue Bikes has more than 250 stations in the four municipalities that own it.

Also on Election Day, California-based bike-share LimeBikewhich is available in 15 Boston-area municipalities, including Arlington, Belmont, Chelsea, Malden, Revere, and Watertown—is offering up to two free rides to users nationwide.

Those rides—which can be up to 30 minutes a pop—are accessible via a code as well; and the code covers rides not only on Lime’s conventional app-unlocked bikes, but its pedal-assist electronic bikes.