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East Boston development would add 40 units, including artists’ studios

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Condor Street project would hew heavily toward affordable housing

Rendering via Neighborhood of Affordable Housing Inc.

A nonprofit developer has proposed building a 40-unit complex in East Boston on Condor Street, between Brooks and Putnam streets.

Neighborhood of Affordable Housing Inc.’s plans call for a 33-unit apartment building, with half reserved for artists who would in turn have access to private studios. The remaining seven units would be condos.

Two dozen of the 33 apartments would rent for below market rates and three of the condos would be sold at similarly below-market rates.

The project at 131 Condor and 141-151 Condor—collectively dubbed Aileron after the bird-themed streets in the area—is supposed to include three public studios, 35 parking spaces, a community garden, and a sculpture garden.

Plans have only just been filed with the Boston Planning & Development Agency. Some East Boston residents are not too happy with the pace of new development in general in their neighborhood. Will the emphasis on affordable housing and space for artists see this one through unscathed? Stay tuned.