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Medford cottage on sale for under $200,000 as development opportunity

Tiny house comes with some caveats

Photos via Century 21

The 492-square-foot cottage at 67 Harrison Street in Medford near Middlesex Fells Reservation is on sale for $199,900. As anyone who follows the Boston-area housing market knows, such a sum is a certifiable steal for a market-rate house—any market-rate house—in the region.

But the one-bedroom, one-bathroom is being offered mainly as a redevelopment opportunity. The house right in front of it, to its right, is the product of a redevelopment, for one thing. For another, the cottage has seen better days.

Any redevelopment, though, might have to pass muster with Medford’s historical commission. And prospective buyers are warned in the Century 21 listing to do their own due diligence re: permits. Still, what’d you think?