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What’d you think of Amazon skipping Boston in its HQ2 decision?

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Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

The big news of the week, at least locally, was that e-commerce Goliath Amazon officially passed over Boston—and several other would-be locations—in choosing the sites of its second headquarters. Thus ended one of 2018’s more grotesque parlor games.

The company ultimately decided to put one-half of the HQ in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens and the other half in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Crystal City, Virginia. Amazon is also opening what it calls its East Coast hub of operations in Nashville.

So what’d you think? Did Boston dodge a bullet here? Amazon would’ve meant a lot more people in the area—on the roads; on the T; in competition for housing, schools, bits of parkland on a sunny day. It probably would’ve meant a lot in public subsidies too.

On the other hand, losing the company as a major presence—there are already plenty of Amazon workers here already—means missing out on lots of investment that might have led to all sorts of goodies.

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