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Logan Airport among best big airports in the nation: Report

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Wall Street Journal analysis measured things such as convenience and airline reliability

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Logan Airport is among the 10 best large airports in the United States, according to a recent Wall Street Journal analysis.

The analysis gauged things such as security-line wait times, WiFi speeds, average Yelp scores for eateries, average airline fares, the costs of an Uber to area conventions centers, rental-car taxes and fees, and the numbers of nonstop destinations of airlines going in and out of the airports.

The newspaper also took feedback from its readership, presumably rife with business travelers. Basically, the results ranked the airports on convenience, flight costs, and general reliability for facilitating getting from Point A to Point B.

Logan’s overall score of 49.83 placed it just behind Los Angeles’ LAX and Charlotte’s Charlotte-Douglas at No. 10 on the WSJ’s list. Airports in Denver, Phoenix, and Orlando topped the list.

What’d you think? Does Logan deserve to be among America’s 10 best big airports?