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Do you see yourself in the Boston area in a few years or so?

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Every week seems to bring a new report or some other confirmation of the Boston region’s status as one of the most expensive, most congested, and generally most difficult in which to live regions in the United States—if not the world.

Local officials know that’s a problem, and a consortium of mayors recently banded together to facilitate the public-private development of 185,000 units of new housing for all income levels by 2030. That may or may not be enough to really change things.

Meanwhile, improvements to the T, to the region’s bike infrastructure, to its roadways and bridges are coming slowly if surely.

So that leads us to our latest open thread: Given these and other chronic challenges, do you see yourself in the Boston area in the next few years? Or are you planning to—hoping to—move on?

We should note that despite these challenges, the region’s population continues to grow. Just about every town and city, including Boston, is slapping on residents. People want or have to be here. Do you?