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Boston Airbnb regulations delayed a bit pending room-sharing giant’s petition

Airbnb wants injunction against rules set to take effect January 1

Square apps glowing on a smartphone. BigTunaOnline/Shutterstock

Boston has agreed to delay implementation of key parts of its new regulations for short-term sites such as Airbnb pending a judge’s decision on an injunction that Airbnb sought against all of the rules, which are set to take effect January 1.

The city will not enforce any fines or data-sharing related to short-term rental sites. The city will still seek to block investors and renters from leasing their homes by the night, however, and short-term hosts will have to register with the city.

But the delay of the fines—$300 per night for a host for each illegal listing—and the data-sharing will likely hinder any real enforcement of the regulations, per the Globe’s Tim Logan.

That will either (a) continue to exacerbate Boston’s housing crunch that much more by taking apartments, houses, etc., off the long-term rental market; or (b) make little difference. The effects of Airbnb on the rental markets of cities as tight as Boston aren’t clear. Stay tuned. The judge’s decision is not expected until toward March.