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Boston T map from 50 years ago shows how things have certainly changed

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It also shows how things might change some more

Map courtesy of Jake Berman

New York City-based artist Jake Berman is out with the above map of the T as of July 1967.

It’s an interesting snapshot of how the system looked a half-century ago, just as the City of Boston and much of its surrounding region were at the precipice of a population and quality-of-life decline that would eventually seem irreversible (but wasn’t, not at all).

It’s also interesting to look at in terms of imagining the T’s possibilities at a time when people are doing just that. For instance, back in 1967, the Orange Line stopped in Everett and the Red Line at Harvard Square in Cambridge. Today, of course, both lines extend a lot farther out. Ditto parts of the Green Line.

And you’ll note the Silver Line is nowhere to be found on Berman’s representation—because it was decades in the offing.

As for Berman’s motives, his dad grew up in Newton and remembers racing the B branch of the Green Line up Commonwealth Avenue to his parents’ house on a bike.