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Boston’s loudest spot is Boylston Station: Report

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Green Line’s screech as it exits the T stop exceeds even the noise of a raucous Fenway crowd


At 111.3 decibels, the screech of Green Line trolleys peeling out of Boylston Station in downtown Boston represents the loudest regular sound in Boston, according to a recent survey taken by the Emerson College/Boston Herald Reinventing Journalism class.

Other readings at the station registered at 110.9 and 101.7 decibels. Such screeching is due to the sharp turns necessary for trains coming in and out of the station, according to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

Whatever the cause, the Boylston Street noise is louder than Logan Airport jets roaring over East Boston—recently clocked at 104.8 decibels—or the roar from Fenway Park during Game 2 of the World Series, right after J.D. Martinez hit a two-run single in the bottom of the fifth to rally the team. The crowd’s reaction registered 104.6 decibels.