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Amazon’s second headquarters will now be two second headquarters: Report

E-commerce giant plans to split the much-ballyhooed HQ between two cities—does that improve Boston’s chances?

Jeramey Lende/Shutterstock

Amazon is planning to split its much-ballyhooed second headquarters between two cities, according to the Wall Street Journal. Does that improve Boston’s chances?

Recall that Boston was one of the 20 finalists to host the single second HQ, which would have meant 50,000 new jobs and up to $5 billion in capital spending from the e-commerce hegemon.

But a recent report threw water on Boston’s chances, instead giving New York City, Northern Virginia, and Dallas the inside chance for that single mega-development.

Now, might the decision to split the HQ between two host cities rather than have it all in one put Boston back in contention? It’s unclear. Though, according to the Journal, Amazon is apparently undertaking the Solomon-like move to “ease potential issues with housing, transit and other areas where adding tens of thousands of workers could cause problems.”

That is exactly what would befall Boston if Amazon’s single HQ landed here: Problems—especially with housing and transit. Stay tuned.