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New Green Line-Orange Line tunnel will benefit North Station commuters

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The 250-foot run from the commuter rail arrives just in time for winter

Boston’s Orange Line zipping through a station. Stephen Orsillo/Shutterstock

No more exiting the lobby of North Station to connect from commuter rail to the Orange Line and the Green Line or vice versa.

Transportation officials say a new 250-foot pedestrian tunnel will be ready in December, just in time to shelter commuters from the blasts of cold that can accompany a simple hustle from the T to the commuter rail at the transit hub because of construction around TD Garden.

The developers behind that construction—which is slowly spawning the 1.5 million-square-foot Hub on Causeway—paid for the tunnel, though they haven’t disclosed the cost, per the Globe’s Adam Vaccaro.

As for finding and navigating the new tunnel, don’t fret: It is expected to be well-marked and -mapped and to have escalator and elevator access.