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What is your rent right now in the Boston area?

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Apartment buildings in Boston, including a red-brick one. EpochCatcher/Shutterstock

Residential rents in the Boston area are likely to increase even further in 2019 as uncertainty in the sales market pushes more prospective buyers to lease.

The region, of course, is already one of the most expensive in the United States for renting. Perennially high demand coupled with chronically low supply makes for some pricey monthly checks.

And the area’s ongoing building boom and the recent commitment of several cities and towns to building tens of thousands of housing units during the next decade are both unlikely to have any immediate effect.

So! As 2018 ends, we once again ask: What are you paying in rent and where are you renting? This open thread always draws a hearty response as readers contrast and compare. Sound off in the comments section below.